Details for Virginia State Corporation Commission Notice of Public Hearing


VIRGINIA STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON THE APPROPRIATE MANNER TO IMPLEMENT A NEW AREA CODE IN THE EXISTING 540 AREA CODE CASE NO. PUR-2019-00148 The State Corporation Commission ("Commission") has invited public comment and testimony regarding the best method for implementing a new area code in the current 540 area code. Pursuant to the authority delegated to it by the Federal Communications Commission, the Commission is authorized to determine the best method of addressing the depletion of telephone numbers within the 540 area code. The Commission has been advised by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator ("NANPA"), a neutral third-party numbering plan area relief planner for the Commonwealth of Virginia, that the 540 area code will be exhausted during the second quarter of 2022 absent relief. NANPA requests that the Commission approve the consensus recommendation of the Virginia telecommunications industry, comprised of current and prospective telecommunications carriers operating or considering operations in the Virginia 540 area code, for an all-services overlay superimposing a new area code over the same geographic area covered by the existing 540 area code. NANPA's proposed relief plan would, however, require ten-digit dialing for all calls within and between the 540 area code and the new area code going forward once a phased-in implementation period is complete. Relief alternatives include an area code boundary elimination overlay with a neighboring area or a geographic split of the existing 540 area code in which part of the area would receive a new area code and part would retain the 540 area code. The Commission appointed a Hearing Examiner to conduct all further proceedings in this matter on behalf of the Commission. Thereafter, the Hearing Examiner entered a Ruling for Notice and Hearing that, among other things, scheduled a public and evidentiary hearing to commence at 10 a.m. on May 6, 2020, in the Commission's Courtroom, Second Floor, Tyler Building, 1300 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, to receive additional public witness testimony, evidence, and oral arguments concerning a relief plan for the 540 area code. On or before April 29, 2020, any interested person may file written comments on the best method for implementing a new area code by submitting such comments to: Joel H. Peck, Clerk, State Corporation Commission, c/o Document Control Center, P.O. Box 2118, Richmond, Virginia 23218-2118. Comments may be submitted electronically by following the instructions on the Commission's web site: http://wwvv.scc.virginia.govicase. Compact discs or any other form of electronic storage medium may not be filed with the comments. All comments shall refer to Case No. PUR-2019-00148. THE STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION OF VIRGINIA

1300 East Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902


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