A former Middle River Regional Jail superintendent faces 34 misdemeanors and three felony charges after an investigation into allegations of abuse of authority.

The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday in November of 2018 an investigation was initiated into Jack Lee, the former MRRJ superintendent.

Commonwealth’s Attorney’s from Augusta County and Staunton requested assistance from federal authorities in the investigation, led by Augusta County, because it was multi-jurisdictional.

Officials said in a released statement that at the conclusion of the investigation, the case was presented to a Staunton grand jury on Tuesday.

Lee, 58, was indicted on 34 misdemeanor counts related to violations involving having a prisoner work on his property. Lee also faces two felony counts of forging and uttering documents, as well as one felony count of false pretense.

Lee was arrested by the Staunton Police Department on Wednesday before being released on bond.

Lee was fired in December 2018 over concerns about the facility’s administration. According to an affidavit filed Dec. 11, 2018, sheriff’s investigators obtained a search warrant for electronic devices belonging to the jail and issued to Lee, including a cellphone and iPad.

Court documents also revealed a GPS unit for an inmate on home monitoring with work release privileges was at Lee’s Staunton home 23 times, including some late night occurrences, between Nov. 2, 2017, and May, 23, 2018.

Lee told investigators at that time the inmate worked for a contractor he hired, but, according to the affidavit, the contractor said Lee had him falsify invoices.

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