Lana Williams

Shannon Kelly/The News VirginianLana Williams

Lana Williams announced her plans to run for Ward A councilperson on Waynesboro City Council Monday night. Every council position up for election is now contested in Waynesboro.

Williams, who said she has lived in Waynesboro for 35 years and in Ward A for 30 years, is putting in her bid for the Ward A seat.

“Given my deep family connections to Waynesboro, it gives me great pleasure to announce my candidacy for the Ward A seat on city council,” said Williams.

Williams said she raised her two sons in Waynesboro, both of whom are now grown and work in the city.

“I believe in three core principles of local government: education, public safety and infrastructure,” Williams said. “I understand how the role of economic development can be the driving force to increase the city coffers by attracting new businesses that pay the top wages. I have a keen understanding of how diverse our population is. And a councilperson’s role should be to serve as a steward to all taxpayers by being fiscally responsible; by spending the money we have more effectively and efficiently while keeping our taxes low. I am committed to common sense policies that put all of our citizens first.”

Williams also said that she understands the opportunities the city school system can offer its young people.

“I am diligent, thoughtful and not someone who will back down when it comes to fighting for what I believe in,” Williams said.

Williams and Kanise Marshall are running for Ward A. Marcia Geiger and DuBose Egleston are running for Ward B, with current Ward B councilman Bruce Allen’s intentions yet unannounced. Jim Wood is running for the at-large position against Mayor Terry Short, who said he is running for re-election.

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