Gavid's Steakhouse and Family Grill Waynesboro

Gavid’s Steakhouse and Family Grill in Waynesboro announced Sunday that it would be closing after 35 years.

Gavid’s Steakhouse and Family Grill in Waynesboro announced Sunday it was closing its doors after 35 years in the community.

Gavid’s said in a Facebook post it would open this past Sunday for the last time and later posted it had sold out in less than an hour.

“We would like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you,” said one of Gavid’s Facebook posts signed by owners and brothers David and Gary Spears. “We have sat here with tears in our eyes as we read each and every one of your comments. To say we feel loved is an understatement.”

The post alluded to a “good bye” in the future, saying “we know we sprang today on you all so we have something in the works to make up for that — a goodbye so to speak.”

Gavid’s, located at 1501 West Broad Street, closed for a brief time in 2016 after a car crashed into the restaurant’s buffet area. Damages from the 2016 accident were estimated to be $100,000 with $300,000 in total losses.

The family-friendly restaurant has been owned and operated by the Spears brothers since 1985. The restaurant’s name comes from a combination of the two names, Gary and David.

According to News Virginian archives, the Spears brothers also purchased a site in Staunton in 1985, but closed the Staunton restaurant a few years later. Kline’s now occupies the Staunton building.


Logan Bogert is a reporter for The News Virginian in Waynesboro, Virginia. She can be reached at or (540) 932-3562. Follow Logan on Twitter at @Logan_Bogert.

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