Jeanie McCutcheon

Jeanie McCutcheon of Waynesboro was sworn in by City Manager Mike Hamp at Waynesboro City Hall on Monday as an interim Ward A councilperson, filling in for Elzena Anderson’s unexpired term that ends June 30.

Waynesboro City Council announced Jeanie McCutcheon as their choice for interim Ward A councilperson at the council's regular meeting Monday night. 

McCutcheon will join in serving on council starting at the next business meeting on March 23, and serve an unexpired term ending June 30, 2020. 

After interviewing five candidates last Thursday, McCutcheon was chosen to represent Ward A until a Ward A councilperson is elected May 5 for a four-year term. Kanise Marshall and Lana Williams will be on the May 5 ballot for Ward A.

“I am pleased to get this opportunity,” McCutcheon said after being sworn in by City Manager Mike Hamp. “I want my city to grow. I want my city to be a city that I can be proud of.”

McCutcheon has lived in Ward A for 37 years, she said. She added that she has served on various boards and committees throughout the city, and is currently a chief for Ward A. Her husband has a funeral business on Port Republic Road.

When Elzena Anderson resigned from her Ward A council position effective March 1, the seat was left vacant. Per the city charter, Waynesboro had 30 days to fill the vacancy with an interim councilperson to serve out the rest of Anderson’s unfinished term.

McCutcheon said that she knew Anderson when she initially ran for the Ward A seat, because McCutcheon herself had been thinking of running at the time. When she learned Anderson had decided to put her bid in, however, McCutcheon decided not to run.

“When Elzena decided she wanted to run, I said: ‘I don’t want to run against her.’ She was a nice and a good person. I thought she’d do a good job. So it gives me a good privilege to fill in her spot,” McCutcheon said. “I called her earlier this morning when I knew that I had won it, and told her, ‘Elzena, I’m going to do the best that I can.’”

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