RICHMOND — The Virginia Department of Health reported Thursday that the state has 34,137 COVID-19 cases, an increase of 1,229 from the 32,908 reported Wednesday.

But VDH figures also show the 7-day moving average for coronavirus cases has been trending downward in May.

VDH screenshot

A screenshot from the Virginia Department of Health's website shows a graph depicting the number of COVID-19 cases in the state, including the 7-day moving average that has shown a downward trend in May.

The 34,137 cases reported Thursday include 32,428 confirmed cases and 1,709 probable cases. Also, there are 1,099 COVID-19 deaths in Virginia — 1,064 confirmed and 35 probable. That's an increase of 25 from the 1,074 reported Wednesday.

The VDH defines probable COVID-19 cases as people who are symptomatic with a known exposure to COVID-19, but have not been confirmed with a positive test.

VDH data shows most cases (80.1%) are occurring in working age adults between the ages of 20 and 69, with people in their 40s accounting for the largest percentage of cases (18.6%). The majority of deaths (76.9%) are among Virginians over the age of 70.

Virginia COVID-19 cases by age

Age Total Cases % of Total Cases
0-9 1378 2.9
10-19 2679 5.7
20-29 7560 16
30-39 8831 18.6
40-49 8829 18.6
50-59 7606 16.1
60-69 5054 10.7
70-79 2604 5.5
80+ 2833 6

The data also show statewide deaths by age group.

Virginia COVID-19 deaths by age group

Age Total Deaths % of Total Deaths
0-9 0 0
10-19 0 0
20-29 3 0.2
30-39 11 0.8
40-49 34 2.4
50-59 82 5.7
60-69 206 14.3
70-79 355 24.6
80+ 753 52.1

Fairfax County, the state's most populous locality with more than 1.1 million people, has the most cases with 8,163 and 302 deaths.

VDH said there are 314 outbreaks in the state, 186 in long-term care facilities. These facilities also account for 654, or 59.5%, of the state's 1,099 deaths attributed to the virus.

State health officials have said there’s a lag in the reporting of statewide numbers on the VDH website. Figures on the website might not include cases or deaths reported by localities or local health districts.

Locally, the Central Shenandoah Health District spans about 293,000 citizens through the counties of Augusta, Bath, Highland, Rockbridge and Rockingham, as well as the cities of Buena Vista, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Staunton and Waynesboro.

As of Thursday, the district had 1,314 confirmed COVID-19 cases — 695 in Harrisonburg, 434 in Rockingham, 85 in Augusta County, 34 in Staunton, 33 in Waynesboro, 12 in Rockbridge, 12 in Buena Vista, six in Lexington and three in Highland.

104 people in the district have been hospitalized including 51 in Harrisonburg, 46 in Rockingham, three in Staunton, two in Augusta County, one in Buena Vista and one in Waynesboro.

VDH reported 28 deaths in the Central Shenandoah District — 21 in Harrisonburg, six in Rockingham and one in Augusta County.

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