The marchers and big-city councils are calling to defund the police, but are police the ones that should be defunded?

Last week, we watched in horror as evening news programs showed bands of youth destroying our major cities. They roamed the streets looting, burning, beating or killing those that dared to protect their shops. But the damage is more than broken glass and stolen items. They are destroying the businesses people worked their whole lives to build.

They say this is about the unfair killing of George Floyd, yet they beat and kill others. There is another thing they are destroying: the American Dream, the idea that people can educate themselves, work hard, rise above their circumstances instead of feeling sorry for themselves, and accomplish anything they put their minds to do.

There seem to be three groups involved in these heinous acts. First are the people that see the unfairness, indeed criminal conduct, of the police who murdered Floyd. They don’t know how else to stop the unfairness, so they march, they chant, they get angry.

Second is antifa, militant thugs that intimidate, bully, harm, and destroy in order to force you to go along with whatever crazy drivel they think they believe. They are really anarchists, and the government must find out who is behind the people that are rioting, and who is funding them.

The third group are students and graduates of our universities. I was shocked to learn that antifa recruits on college campuses. This is complete madness.

So they chant “defund the police!”

And now politicians in big cities and celebrities are echoing the chant, yes, even voting to defund one of the most important institutions keeping our society from devolving into chaos.

I was hoping the dope-smoking hippies of the 1960s would have retired or died off by now, but while we weren’t looking, they became professors. They indoctrinated our children to think that Socialism, which in the course of human history has never worked to benefit the working class people, is better than our democratic republic.

Parents work 20 or 30 years, sacrifice, save, skip vacations, don’t contribute to their retirement accounts, all to send their children (and their money) to the university. When the kids come home after four years of indoctrination, they are completely different people. They don’t have the values taught to them for 18 years by their parents and family. They’ve been brainwashed.

When their parents bring up church, religion, or conservative political viewpoints, they go stone-faced. They close their minds and refuse to listen. How did we let the situation get to this point?

Those same kids who won’t listen to their parents are out in the city park, listening to garbage spewed by some idiot antifa member with a megaphone. They get jacked up and angry at everything, feeling hatred towards people, hatred towards the system, and hatred towards capitalism, and they go out “marching” as they destroy our society and everything we’ve worked for.

They step on the graves of thousands that have given their lives to preserve our freedoms in wars against Socialist countries and godless peoples.

We have ignored this long enough. We need to review all of our schools from top to bottom. They need to teach our children what a precious gift our democratic republic is and how to preserve and defend it, not undermine it. They shouldn’t indoctrinate students to be democrats or socialists or anarchists. They should teach them to be good citizens of America.

Professors should explain our country was founded by good, God-fearing men that wanted more than anything to be free — not regulated or taxed to death, just free to live their lives, pursue their dreams, and worship their God. When the schools will teach that, we can talk about restoring some of their funding.

They cry, “Defund the police,” but until we fix our schools, I say, “Defund the universities!”

Curt Lilly, a chief engineer for a defense contractor, lives in Waynesboro and is a columnist for The News Virginian. His column is published once a month.

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