What a disappointment I had last Sunday morning. On page A5 there was an article covering nearly the entire page from the liberal Washington Post. An article from the Washington Post will always be against the Republicans and we have learned to expect it.

What you don't expect is for the paper to misinform the public about our patriotic Americans. Mr. Miller has the right to his opinions as we all do. The Washington Post was proclaiming that white nationalists and white supremacists are synonyms. They are not. White supremacists or any kind of supremacist is not acceptable. So what is the difference?

Who are nationalists? Is it good to be a nationalist? Was our beloved nation delivered from anarchy by nationalists? Nationalists have been fighting wars for hundreds of years to preserve our freedoms. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to peaceful assembly, and freedom to be governed by people elected by our constitutional process. Are you a nationalist?

Nationalism is not a dirty word. A nationalist is a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations

It can be perceived as a dirty word by those who are trying to bring our democratic nation down and replace it with their socialist agenda. Those who support the actions of the Antifa terrorists. Those who support the KKK, Nazis, and white supremacists. Those who believe that mob rule is the answer to changing the good or the bad. That mob rule has benefits that law and order do not. They are people who rely on preventing persons whose views differ from theirs from using their constitutional right of freedom of speech.

You can be assured these people are not nationalists.

Being a nationalist is believing that your country is good and that you support the tenets that formed this great nation. Being a Nationalist is believing in law and order and that our government established those laws for our safety and security. A nationalist believes in an individual's freedom and the right to choose.

The government does not need to regulate our life. As citizens, we have the right to peacefully protest those laws and regulations. Mob rule and coercion should not be allowed to prevent one's opinion whether liberal or conservative. Our duly elected and appointed officials are, or should be, required to enforce them. They should not endorse or encourage a person or group to violate the law. To do so makes them guilty as lawbreakers. Our laws should be enforced until they are rescinded by our elected legislators. The Bill of Rights proclaims all people are created equal. A nationalist believes this.

Back to the Washington Post article. Why Katie McHugh released the emails is not clear. Why did the SPLC release them to the Washington Post? Mr. Miller is an American like our president who is religious, conservative and loves our country. He, like most Republicans, do not believe in open borders or illegal immigration. Yes, I do believe Mr. Miller is a nationalist.

William O Bare Sr.


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