I was dismayed and disgusted to see so many lies strung together in one long dreary column from Lori Haas on Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Everything she suggests to the legislature either violates federal law, public safety or common sense — all three mostly. She is one of those myopic liberals who cannot see the truth in the issue of "gun violence" as they call criminal activity by people using them.

Restricting law abiding peoplel's access to firearms is not working if it did California and Chicago would be Edens of safety but just the opposite is true. This glaringly inconvienent truth escapes her and all the other liberal thinkers wedded to the idea that it, gun control, would be effective because the places with it in place show worse violence than those with more open attitudes.

She puts down the idea of the burgeoning rush to establish sanctuary counties all across Virginia, snarkily criticizing Phillip Van Cleave, a former Sheriff's deputy, who is a real hero to those of us following his tireless efforts to keep big government at bay. She cites bogus statics like 90% of Virginia's citizens support "universal background checks," that is but one of many outright lies in her column such as the “extreme risk protection order will do nothing to infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners..” Lie.

That red flag law flies in the face of the fourth amendment and several others putting property, due process and free speech at risk so her false claims do not fly with those of us who know better. The bill of rights was added to the constitution just because of people like her so don't believe the leftist scare mongering she tracks all over the halls of government in the quest to control everything and everybody because that is just what this is all about.

God bless America and President Donald Trump

Bob Quinn


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