Saturday’s front page article about the so called "assault weapons ban" proposed by Del. Mark Levine opens with an old hackneyed but still whopper of a lie that such bans have “shown consistently to reduce mass murder.”

No Mr Levine, they have not!

The FBI that you undoubtedly believed when they were investigating President Donald Trump has consistently found no correlation between such bans and murder rates of any kind. They happen all around the world with admittedly appalling regularity, in every state regardless of the laws. Why? Because homicidal maniacs do not obey the laws so your unconstitutional grab for power forbidden to you and your ilk will make no difference whatsoever except to set most; 95% of the counties, against you.

Secretary of public safety Brian Moran went on with another feverishly insane statement saying “assault weapons are not protected by the second amendment.” I will dispense with categorizing his state of mind because the News Virginia always censors my opinions of Democrats. However, it is safe to say, Mr. secretary, the Second Amendment protects the “right to keep and bear arms” which includes semi automatic weapons.

If the left keeps telling such transparent lies in public where sane people can counter them your credibility will spiral down to zilch by November’s election when we might just return to actually protecting the commonwealth instead of baring it’s throat to the wolves as you are doing.

God Bless America and President Donald Trump.

Bob Quinn


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