In the Feb. 5 NV edition, Dr. Francine R. Johnston accuses Mark Wingfield of having "lost his marbles" for his moral beliefs about abortion.

She objects to Wingfield because abortion only destroys human beings, and there are more important issues at hand: the "dangers of climate change and our unchecked use of fossil fuels."

She thinks people who oppose abortion are "people who deny scientific evidence, resist efforts to embrace clean energy…" and so forth. Dr. Johnston obviously buys the left wing climate change "narrative," which even some of its strongest advocates have admitted is not about climate or the environment at all, but about wealth redistribution (especially wealth from the United States, to impoverished nations all over the globe) and establishing a global socialist government.

Unfortunately, "climate science" is not science. It is based only on computerized climate modeling, where input parameters are adjusted until the model algorithms produce the politically desired outcome: the looming disaster of "climate change."

Lest we forget, "climate scientists" of the 1970s were predicting a new ice age, based on the same kinds of computer modeling studies. Dr. Johnston should consider the actual political and economic situation in the world, rather than regurgitating a fabricated, fear mongering "narrative" blaming fossil fuels use as the prime cause of "climate change" (formerly "global warming").

Yes, burning fossil fuels to produce energy does release carbon dioxide. But the effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels on climate are not known, as Al Gore would have us believe. And while climate may be warming slightly, the causes are probably mostly natural, and the effects may in fact be an overall positive for humanity as well.

Governments should work to adapt to the effects of increasing ocean levels and other changes, and improve nuclear energy generation to replace fossil fuels, an actual solution, rather than pushing environment-destroying solar and wind "green energy."

So yes, there are issues more important than abortion. But we should work on real solvable problems instead of political fabrications, and stop lumping those with a moral objection to abortion together with "climate change" skeptics.

Dr. Donald Bretches


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