I am asking our city council to please join the many communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia by declaring Waynesboro a Second Amendment sanctuary city.

Ralph Northam and his cronies will take a mile if you give them an inch. One of their main goals is to destroy our constitutional right to own firearms.

They claim that by passing some stupid laws, many mass shootings will be eliminated.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

For example, let's say some person decides to murder a bunch of people. Everyone knows that such a crime is a capital offense and can be punishable by execution.

Therefore, only someone who either lives in la la land or is as stupid as a cinder block could conceive that such a criminalized person would give the slightest heed about some law regarding firearm restrictions.

So again, as a tax paying, voting, licensed-to-carry citizen of Waynesboro, I am pleading to you, our city council members, to please protect our long standing constitution and declare Waynesboro a Second Amendment sanctuary city.

Please keep in mind that there is strength in numbers and said numbers show a huge participation in standing for our constitutional right.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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