Although it is a very well known fact that I am not a fan of Jennifer Lewis or her agenda, I applaud people when they accomplish things for the good of the less fortunate. Therefore, reading the first part of her letter (Jan. 3, 2020), I extended a lot of credit to her and her husband for lending a helping hand serving food to guests of WARM (Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry).

However, she should have ended her letter after explaining aspects of the WARM program and how it is in place to help some people who have fallen on hard times.

Publicizing her act of kindness then using it to get back on her soap box spewing negative remarks regarding President Donald Trump and Mr. Robert Marbut negates much of the applause.

By adding said words it again has her left wing, bias, liberal, socialist agenda rearing its ugly head.

God bless America and President Trump.

Tom McDonald


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