Leave it to the Washington Post to get it backwards again in Thursday's editorial about cooking up mayhem.

In the fourth paragraph it categorizes the few communities who did not adopt sanctuary status as "a relative handful," but later touts the draconian and patently unconstitutional measures being foisted upon us as having "broad popular support." Where? On the left side of the legislature only, believe me.

Ben Franklin warned, “If you trade liberty for security you will have neither.” It is the election of leftists to the government that is brewing mayhem because we the people have, are and will continue to push back against the Democrats' attack on our liberties.

You would think that more than 60,000 patriots showing up on Gov. Ralph Northam’s doorstep on a freezing cold day in peaceful assembly for a redress of grievances would give him pause to reexamine his miscalculation. But no, Gov. Northam, a doctor, went on a radio interview and he confessed to being willing to let newborns die if not wanted by their mothers.

So much for his Hippocratic Oath. Now he is betraying his oath of office by violating his pledge to uphold and defend the constitution. That is brewing mayhem.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Bob Quinn


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