Mark your calendar. Dec. 18, 2019. A day that will be remembered along with Dec. 7, Sept. 11, and all the other days that brought horror and destruction to our great nation.

No, it wasn't bombs or airplanes bringing the destruction. It was a group of “citizens” that lost an election and decided to overthrow a constitutionally elected government. They are trying very hard to do that by using the constitution's article of impeachment to achieve their political agenda to nullify the election of a president. An extremely successful president constitutionally elected by its citizens.

The impeachment article was inserted to prevent people from being allowed to commit crimes and be above the law. So how was President Donald Trump impeached? For the very thing, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton warned of in the Federalist Papers. The abuse of the article for political reasons.

The Democrats in Congress have once again have shown the nation that they are concerned only about the present and not the effects their actions may have on the future. They changed the requirements to confirm judges and it came back to bite them. I can't imagine that the Democrats are so dense that they can not believe in the future a Democrat president with a Republican majority in the House might be subjected to the same tactics to impeach their president.

The Democrats continue at every chance try to embarrass our president when he is representing our country overseas. Why are they so spiteful? The purpose of our three branches of government is to primarily monitor the laws and regulations made in Congress. That they don't favor one party and do not infringe on the rights of the citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution. It was not intended that either of the three were to be the liberal, socialist vigilantes that are now in charge of the House of Representatives.

As it was in 1861 when the Republicans decided to decide the country, I fear the Democrats are trying to do that today. I pray that our Senate will use better judgment.

Keep America great!

William O. Bare Sr.

Stuarts Draft

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