Does your vote count? It always has, but does it count today?

Never has any potitical party tried to overturn an election for partisan reasons. Until today. Now 235 disgruntled Democrats are trying hard to nuttify your 2016 vote along with that of 53 million others.

Why? Because they lost an election. They lost even though they used the Russians, British, and FBI to try to discredit Presiderrt Donald Trump. When they could not discredit him after two years of investigations, they found it necessary to impeach him for no impeachable crime.

The 235 Democrats needed no reason.

They had a majority in the House. With the majority, they can impeach anyone they want. Our founding fathers, having the foresight, provided the Senate with the power to convict the impeached. This was to prevent an election from being overturned because of partisan politics.

However, even if not convicted, Trump will always be known as one of the four presidents who have been impeached.

Hopefutty, the Senate will protect my vote. The Democrats are trying to void the 2016 election and win the etection in 2020. Just think, 235 partisan Democrats trying to tear our nation apart.

Pray they won't succeed.

William O.Bare

Stuarts Draft

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