In a Sunday column Mark Wingfield argues that abortion is not only the most important political issue but the only one that matters to him.

Let’s get some facts straight first. Tax dollars do not pay for abortions except in the case of incest, rape or risks to the mother’s health (See The Hyde Amendment).

Second, millions of unborn babies are not murdered every year. The number of legal abortions reported to the CDC has been less than a million the last few years. That is still too many but remember that Planned Parenthood works to reduce that number by supplying birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies. If you cut funding to Planned Parenthood more women will need to seek abortions.

Now, what should determine the most important political issue? While abortion is a profound issue to women facing a difficult decision, Mr. Wingfield seems ready to sacrifice a lot of important things such as health care, gun control, and civil liberties for an issue that effects a very small percentage of people.

For me, the dangers of climate change and our unchecked use of fossil fuels are issues that affect every one of us! Unfortunately, if you vote for politicians opposed to abortion you will also be voting for people who deny scientific evidence, resist efforts to embrace clean energy and support an administration that is actively cutting back protections for clean water and clean air.

If I had 20 marbles to distribute between buckets I would put them all in climate change/environmental issues and I would do that because nothing else matters in the long run. Please reconsider Mr. Wingfield — what issue is going to have far reaching consequences for your children and grandchildren and the entire human race? Not abortion.

Dr. Francine R. Johnston


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