Everyone seems to be ignoring a disaster that has been coming for decades — the ever increasing national debt.

The situation is unprecedented. Never in the history of the country, or the world, has mankind been more dependent on a reliable medium of exchange.

I doubt that we can imagine the chaos that will result when it fails. Riots? Robbing for food? It will fail if we do not do something soon. To fix it, everyone will need to make a small sacrifice. That is, small compared to the otherwise coming disaster.

The national debt is currently about $23 trillion. Every year we are adding about $1 trillion to the debt. Those numbers are incomprehensible, so lets look at it differently. Each household's share of the debt is about $184,000, and increasing each year by about $8,000. Interest has to be paid on this debt, and more money borrowed to pay the interest. It is an ever increasing spiral. Who is going to keep loaning us money? This is clearly a situation that can not continue. Something very bad will happen soon, lets call it a debt bomb.

It is not enough that a program is good and beneficial, it must be paid for. If the dollar fails, all programs, good or bad, will fail. Both parties are at fault for spending more money than we have. Even though President Donald Trump has done great things for our economy, he also has continued the fiscal irresponsibility. Everyone is to blame, the Republicans, Democrats, and us, the citizens.

To save democracy, our country fought world war two and had about a million men either killed or wounded. The country also endured hardship at home. We call them the greatest generation. What will our generation be called?

The debt bomb is of our own making. We have full control of it. No one has to die to fix it. Our congressmen know this. Why don’t they do something? We need some leadership from our congressmen. They need to tell us the sad truth. They need to find ways of spreading the pain of reduced spending, and/or increased taxes, in a fair way. They need to put our country first. Are they afraid that they won’t get re-elected? If this results in their not getting re-elected, so be it, it’s a small price to pay. It is not like they are going to die. To paraphrase Patrick Henry, “give me fiscal responsibility, or give me another job.” They just need to do the fiscally responsible thing, and possibly risk re-election. If they do, surely, some of us would consider them heroes.

God, I hope that we can pass on this wonderful country to future generations.

Right now, they are working on what they believe our most urgent matter, they will get right to the debt problem when done, right?

(For more information, google “The Debt Bomb Tom Coburn." This is being sent to our congressmen, Ben Cline, Mark Warner, and Tim Kaine)

Irvin Erler


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