Replying to Jennifer Lewis’ “Let’s Unite Behind Workers,” (TNV Jan 30, 2020).

Unless I am wrong, I assume that Ms. Lewis strongly supports a woman’s right to choose. If she is pro-choice when it comes to women’s rights, why is she denying employees their right to choose.

Ms. Lewis carefully ignores two facts. First, right to work laws do not restrict an employee’s right to form a labor union or their right to join one. Second, Ms. Lewis wants all Virginia employees to be forced to join a labor union, where one is in place, whether they want to or not.

Jennifer’s article says that Right to Work laws represent “an abusive rule that businesses use to control their workers.”


Let’s turn that around to reality; the loss of Right to Work would represent an abusive rule from the liberal left that forces an employee to join a union and pay dues whether they want to, or not!

Charles Salembier


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