As a resident of Staunton, I cannot stand by in silence as the City of Staunton even considers the thought of becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary city.

Staunton has residents who have lived here for generations and many who have chosen to re-locate for a new life. A large majority of our residents want to fully enjoy Staunton as a cultural and historic best small city in America. Would a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution represent us as it resolves our city council to approve to not enforce any future chosen gun reform law in Virginia? If so, this is not the Staunton I chose and have learned to love.

Attending a meeting recently in Richmond, I noticed an elegant white-haired African-American woman at the head table. She would be our first speaker. She began by stating she and her daughter were gun owners. She stated her belief in the rule of law and the U.S. Constitutional Second Amendment. Over the recent decades, she has watched as horrific gun massacres occurred in Virginia Tech and Virginia Beach, knows families/friends suffering from the gun slaughtered, has family or close friends whose spouse was harmed/killed by gun and a close friend’s suicide by gun. She announced now is the time to ensure Virginians are safer by offering more protection for our innocent citizens through a more thorough background check for gun ownership.

Do we wait until a mass shooting happens within our city limits or to our neighboring locales? Do we wait until a loved one commits suicide or is killed by a loved one? Do we wait until our valued first responders are killed in action by someone who should not have access to a gun?

Question: Is it our civic duty to require state/federal legislators to introduce common sense background checks bills; require ownership training and a license for having a war gun and its multiple rounds of ammunition; no gun access for those legally proven guilty of a life endangering crime; those diagnosed or determined to be mentally ill-equipped to have access to a gun?

If your answer to this question is yes, contact your Virginia delegate and senator; make change happen during Richmond’s 2020 Virginia General Session.

There is the alternative. You can continue to do nothing!

Beth G. Daisey


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