President Donald Trump presented to the American people one of the best speech’s I have heard in a very long time. He presented facts on how our country is thriving and getting better each day.

Despite the efforts of the left, President Trump has accomplished many of his campaign promises while having to put up with lies and an impeachment procedure based on nothing but a political ploy to unfairly discredit him because the Democrats still cannot admit to themselves that he won in 2016 and will win again in 2020.

At the conclusion of his State of the Union speech, Nancy Pelosi, in all her glory, demonstrated her hate in an unpatriotic, disgraceful manner by tearing up her copy of said speech.

There is no excuse for this type of behavior, especially from a high ranking member of Congress.

This shows how low the Democrat party has stooped to. Their only concern is themselves. They show no concern for our country or the well-being of our citizens. They want it their way or no way!

We must put a stop to such disgusting mannerism and their socialist agenda.

The best way to accomplish this goal is to vote Republican in each and every election.

It is imperative to take our country back by using your constitutional right to go to the poles and show your support for the good of our people.

God bless America and President Trump.

Tom McDonald


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Trump’s State of the Union address was packed with lies and stretches of the truth. It doesn't take much to dig underneath the bloated, self-congratulatory statements to unearth all the false claims.

No, the economy is not “the best it’s ever been”: growth was far higher under Clinton and Ronald Reagan. And the national debt has reached an all-time high under Trump, up more than $2 trillion since he took office.

No, drug prices are not “coming down"; they continue to RISE.

Trump inflated the number of jobs created under his administration; in addition, job creation under President Barack Obama’s last three years, 227,000 a month, still exceeds the monthly average of 191,000 a month under Trump.

The unemployment rate for the disabled is not at an all time low.

There is no "blue collar boom" as he claims...In the past year, things have gotten grimmer for many blue-collar workers. The manufacturing sector is in a technical recession. Only 9,000 manufacturing jobs have been gained since June, compared with the 460,000 in the first 2½ years of Trump’s presidency. Job growth has slowed in many “blue-collar” sectors such as transportation, construction and mining.

Trump boasts of a big increase of the net worth of the bottom half of American wage earners, but the base was so horribly low that the increase of which he brags is not worth the fact, people in the bottom half have just 1.6 percent of the nation’s wealth — as debts cancel out whatever assets they might have. The top 5 percent have more than 70 percent of all net worth in our nation.

He brags that people with 401(k)s and pensions are doing better now than ever before, with increases of 60, 70 ,80, even 100 percent. There is NO evidence to this claim. An analysis by Fidelity Investments showed the average 401(k) balance increased less than 1 percent when comparing the first quarters of 2018 and 2019.

He claims that America is now energy efficient. Totally false...we continue to import energy. "'In 2018, the United States imported about 9.94 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum from nearly 90 countries,' according to an Energy Information Agency report, with 43 percent coming from Canada and 16 percent from Persian Gulf countries."

He stated that his administration had invested a record-breaking amount of money in the U.S. military. Not record-breaking. Adjusting for inflation, not one year of Trump’s defense budgets has exceeded the high point in 2010 under Obama.

I could go on and on as there were many more falsehoods. And don't get me started on the outrageous, theatrical, disgusting decision to present the hateful Rush Limbaugh with a Medal of Freedom. Limbaugh is the antithesis of Rosa Parks, MLK Jr., John Steinbeck, Maya Angelou, Frederick Patterson, Thurgood Marshall, Jonas Salk, Helen Keller, Delores Huerta, and so many other recipients.

What's sad, scary, and dangerous is how this slick conman can lie and get away with it, and how this man's hateful rhetoric "charms" so many. I know that those who love him will continue to turn blind eyes and continue to cheer him on. And those of us who see through him will continue to do all we can to turn this nation around in November.

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