Using our fire stations and our first responders as screeners for COVID-19 is probably the most poorly thought out suggestion ever. The only thing worse would be to select nursing homes to be screening centers.

Who do you think would answer the emergency calls when they are screening or are quarantined? Let us take our fine first responders and throw them under the bus and save you some time.

I offer a much better solution; let's say we have a total of 30 doctor's offices, Med Express and urgent care locations. Well take half of those locations and close them down for regular health issues and shift that load over to the other half. Then take those 15 dedicated locations and do the screenings there. These folks doing the screening would be funded by the federal government and instead of people in tents, they would have a structure to be evaluated in.

Better yet, have employees do an assessment without the prospective patient even exiting their vehicle. Testing could even be done in the vehicle if necessary. These facilities have more staff, more supplies, more parking and are way better at paperwork than us lowly first responders.

Thanks for having faith in our first responders, but I think most would agree with me on this.

Another idea would be to finally put the empty space in the Staunton Mall to good use. At least there is tons of parking there.

Stacey Smith


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