The Waynesboro City Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020, had a great turnout of about 400 citizens. However, because the very popular term “Second Amendment sanctuary city” was embedded in everyone’s mind, Councilman Bobby Henderson’s opening statement was incorrectly understood.

It was more or less taken for granted that the purpose of this meeting was to convince the council to declare Waynesboro a Second Amendment sanctuary city and advertise it as such.

I don’t think anyone, including myself, heard the description “Constitutional City” in relation to our right to bear arms before. When said description was mentioned the attendees started immediately to show concern as to where this meeting was headed.

Although there was a lot of booing and a few shout outs, the crowd did not get out of control.

It is imperative for all to understand that the city council was, is, and will always stand up for our constitutional rights and have already drawn up a resolution.

It was unfortunate that there was a misunderstanding in Councilman Henderson’s opening statement, however, we need to put that aside and move on as our council has listened to our citizens and is displaying extreme strength by stepping up to the plate to protect our rights as provided to us by the Constitution of The United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

City council will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, in the Council Chambers in The Charles T Yancey Municipal Building, 503 West Main Street, Waynesboro.

As usual there will be sign-up sheets as you enter. If you wish to speak during the citizen comment period please fill out the info on said sheet and you will be called when it is your turn to speak.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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