According to a front page article in The News Virginian on March 21, 2020, it appears that a shortage of proper building space in and around Augusta County could become a problem in the near future to provide testing and so forth in the fight to eradicate this china virus.

What about the Ladd School on Rosser Avenue being retrofitted for this usage? Obviously this building is not considered unsafe as our local and state police use it for some training purposes.

This is not only a large building, but is located next door to a UVA Health facility and about a mile away from an Augusta Health facility.

This is just a thought that came into my head and I believe it might be something to look into.

On a side note, just to be clear, Gov. Ralph Northam is a liar and hypocrite. He proved that fact when he got put in a corner about his "black face" stint and lied about it before finally admitting it. This proves he cannot be trusted.

It seems the left wing news media has tried to hide this fact so at various times I will revisit this and remind all about it. I hope, because this is a fact, that The News Virginian will put this comment on the Perspective page of the printed newspaper, and not just online that can only be accessed by someone with a computer.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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