It is unfortunate that Steve Troxel chose to use his column to devalue and disrespect the various traditions celebrated in our community at this time of year. In his column, he admits to saying, “Merry Christmas” to everyone and anyone who is offended can, “go sit in their safe space.”

Jesus encourages us to treat our neighbor with love, compassion, and understanding, to help those in need, and to volunteer in our community. Jesus tells us to use what we need and then give any surplus we have to take care of those less fortunate. A lot of what Jesus preaches could be considered socialism, but at the end of the day, He tells us when your pantry is full it is your duty to make sure your neighbor’s pantry has food in it and they are warm with clothing, housing and love.

I believe that when you have the privilege of having a platform to reach the community, you should use it to encourage more love in the world and not more division. Jesus wants us to celebrate and honor Him by being better people, to accept everyone for who they are, to give what you can to people going through tough times. That to me, is the true Christmas spirit.

Jennifer Lewis


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