Visiting Mom in Waynesboro, I checked the newspaper to see what's shakin in this neck of the woods. I read with interest the column by Mark Wingfield, "Being thankful begins with thanking God." From the first line ("Since every person is born with an innate awareness of God's existence and a God-given knowledge of right and wrong ... "), I knew I was in for a serious dose of BS.

At least you guys ran this on the opinion page, because what a load of crap this column is. But with a limit of 350 words, I have nowhere near enough space to talk about every ridiculous point Mr. Wingfield makes. Suffice it to say, I am indeed thankful for many things in my life. But I find it ludicrous that anyone actually believes, as Wingfield clearly does, that "If it is good, it is from God."

Complete hogwash, but what's especially maddening is that Winfield says it all like it's fact. Even more aggravating, scores of lemmings believe every word he writes — just like the gazillion other God-loving but otherwise normal fellow humans out there.

I'm just glad I still have a mind of my own, so I can tell reality from fantasy.

Mark Herberger

Ione, CA

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Love how the writer insults Christians yet I posted a comment insulting him for being from California that was not allowed. The American media is at war with the American people.


Another liberal who is mentally incapable of letting others lead their own lives without feeling the need to mouth off about it. I am sure he and his boyfriend/girlfriend are very happy in California.....lets hope they stay there.

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